Best JBL Headphones In India 2022

When it comes to buying headphones, there are certain brands that always stand out. There is no doubt that JBL is known for superb headphones. In fact, owning JBL headphones is a dream for music lovers as well as gamers.

There are various types of headphones available from JBL starting from in-ear headphones to over-ear headphones. We have picked the best JBL headphones in India to choose from as per your requirements.

Best JBL Headphones In India

1) JBL C200SI

JBL C200SI Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black, Gun Metal)

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This is one of the best JBL headphones where all parameters are well balanced. The metallic finish enhances the look and feel of the headphones. It comes with a noise-canceling microphone so that there is no disturbance with speaking on the mic. 

Besides, there is a quick access control so that you can use Google Assistant and Siri instantly. The headphones are lightweight and the wire quality and casing are premium. The bass level is outstanding and the headphones fit the ears perfectly and comfortably. You get one year of warranty on the product. 


  • The metallic finish and premium material.
  • One-button mic control.
  • Gold-plated jack.


  • The mic volume could be better. 

2) JBL C50HI

JBL C50HI Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black)

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If you are looking for a clean and powerful bass, this is the headphone you should opt for. You can activate Google Assistant by long-pressing the control. The sound quality is very appealing to the ears. The colour of the headphones is quite bright and cool. 

The mic eliminates surrounding noise effectively. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable. The L-shaped jack is suitable for laptops as well. The twin cable is of premium quality and does not tear off easily. You get a year of warranty and you can choose from three different colours.  


  • Lightweight and premium design.
  • Noise-canceling microphone.
  • Fits into the ears comfortably.


  • Some users complain about build quality.

3) JBL Tune 500BT

JBL Tune 500BT by Harman Powerful Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Mic, 16 Hours Playtime & Multi Connect Connectivity (Black)

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This headphone is suitable for those who prefer over-ear headphones over in-ear headphones. The sound quality is totally outstanding with clear bass. This belongs to the wireless category of headphones and hence, there is no question of wires tangling and creating a mess. You can activate Google Assistant and Siri from the Play button.

Thanks to multiple connection options, you can connect to two devices and switch between them easily. The headphones can be folded and you can 16 hours of playtime under normal settings. You get one year of warranty on the product. It takes 5 minutes of recharge to get one hour of music.


  • Wireless and foldable.
  • Powerful and comfortable.
  • Quick charging is possible.


  • Not very suitable for calling.

4) JBL C100SI

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Red)

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If you are someone who prefers super bass, you need to opt for these headphones. The headphone is designed for a boost in bass and overall sound quality. The comfortable fitting in the ears makes it suitable for listening to music for hours. There is the standard noise-canceling microphone that makes calling clean and clear. 

There are three different sizes of ear tips available to suit every user. The design is sleek and shiny and it is quite lightweight. The wires can be twisted without tearing them off. You can activate the voice assistant with one button. The jack is also gold-plated for durability and better connection.


  • Premium quality wires. 
  • One-button control.
  • Noise-isolation mic.


  • Not suitable at full volume. 

5) JBL Tune 700BT

JBL Tune 700BT by Harman, 27-Hours Playtime with Quick Charging, Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Mic, Dual Pairing, AUX & Voice Assistant Support for Mobile Phones (Black)

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The wireless headphone is super comfortable and you can easily carry it around thanks to its foldable design. The battery life is over 24 hours when you use the normal settings. When you run out of charge, you can go for quick charging where 5 minutes of charge provides 2 hours of playtime. 

You can connect to two devices and switch between them easily. Even though it is an over-ear headphone, it is quite lightweight and it fits the ears perfectly and comfortably. You can also instantly activate the voice assistant on your phone. When it runs out of battery, you can use it in wired mode.


  • Superior and immersive sound quality.
  • Enough cushioning and comfortable fitting.
  • Wireless as well as wired mode available.


  • Noise cancellation could be better.

6) JBL Endurance

JBL Endurance RunBT, Sports in Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic, Sweatproof, Flexsoft eartips, Magnetic Earbuds, Fliphook & TwistLock Technology, Voice Assistant Support (Black)

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If you are looking for some sporty headphones, these are the ones for you. These are wireless headphones and they have in-ear designs. The magnetic earbuds are easy to carry and are sweatproof for durability. You get six hours of playtime.

Thanks to its innovative structure, you can put it in-ear as well as behind-ear. You can make calls hand-free and the headphones stay intact in their place with complete stability. You can also activate the voice assistant instantly. 


  • Magnetic buds for convenience. 
  • Flexible design and sweatproof.
  • Instant voice assistant activation.


  • Battery life can improve. 

7) JBL Quantum

Jbl Quantum 100, Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic for Pc, Mobile, Laptop, Ps4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Vr (Black)

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If you want a headphone with a bigger cup to fit your ears, this is the ideal one. The headphones have a detachable mic which is very convenient. It is compatible with any device including gaming consoles. It is a wired headphone but the wire is of premium quality so that it does not tear off while twisted. 

As far as the audio quality is concerned, it is superb with clear bass. The memory foam cushion makes it highly comfortable for long hours. The build quality is also great and you get a one-year warranty. It is tailor-made for grand gaming experience. 


  • Compatible with various devices. 
  • Detachable mic for convenience. 
  • Mute button and clear audio.


  • Speaker full volume could be higher.

Buying Guide 

Type – There are different types of JBL headphones available. You can choose from in-ear as well as over-ear headphones. Besides, there are wired as well as wireless headphones to choose from.

Protection – If you are going to wear the headphones for a long duration, the headphones can get sweaty. Similarly, if you put on headphones and go out jogging, the headphones have to be sweatproof.

Specifications – There are different types of headphones such as some are great for overall audio quality and some are great for bass. Therefore, it depends on the user preference as well as the specifications available.

Overall Quality – Some headphones are simply not durable. The coatings peel off with sweat and the battery life goes down. Generally, JBL headphones are great but you have to ensure from reviews that the product is worth purchasing.

Special Features – There are certain special features available in different headphones. Some have a mute button, others have a detachable mic, while some have buttons to activate voice assistants. Accordingly to your requirements, you should choose in such away.


You should be clear about your requirements because there are different types of JBL headphones available. If you are buying headphones for gaming, you should opt for over-ear headphones. When you are buying wireless headphones, you should make sure there is a wired option as well so that you can use it when the battery runs out. 

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